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5 Strikes Stricken

Client with bad criminal history faces life imprisonment for minor felony. Attorney Louisa Pensanti persuades District Attorney and Judge to strike all five strikes and place him on Probation.

Child Molest Trial

Client faces life imprisonment when troubled teen he took into his home to help accuses him of 15 counts of Child Molest. Attorney  Louisa  Pensanti  obtains  NOT GUILTY VERDICT at trial.

3 Strikes Trial

Clients facing 58 years-to-life in 3 strikes car-jacking case. Attorney Louisa Pensanti convinces jury that fingerprints on the vehicle is not enough to convict. VERDICT: NOT GUILTY

Assault with Deadly Weapon Trial

Client accused of Assault with Deadly Weapon with a box cutter after work-related dispute with co-worker got out of control. Client maintained that victim slashed him with the box-cutter. During the jury trial, attorney Louisa Pensanti convinced the Prosecution that the facts were as the client stated and the case was DISMISSED.


Client embezzles $36,000  of compact Discs from his employer and faces prison time. Attorney Louisa Pensanti convinces judge to reduce to misdemeanor with PROBATION

Attempted Murder Trial

Client accused of using a metal level to seriously injure his roommate. Attorney Louisa Pensanti cross-examines the “victim” who reveals he was drunk and attacked Client in his bed while  asleep.   VERDICT: NOT GUILTY




1st Degree Murder

Client accused of murdering 12-year-old boy. Attorney Louisa Pensanti convinces jury that the shooting is accidental. Verdict: involuntary manslaughter.                           

Child Molestation

Client charged with molesting multiple victims faces 5 life terms. Attorney Louisa Pensanti settles case. Client released home on probation.                                              

Domestic Violence Trial

At trial ex-wife claims Client shoved her against a wall injuring her when she camped out in his place of business. Attorney Louisa Pensanti’s convincing opening statement provokes the District Attorney’s Office to DISMISS the case at the break.

Felony Drug

Transportation Client accused of Transportation of over 14 pounds of Marijuana. Attorney Louisa Pensanti negotiates to have Client complete 50 hours of Graffiti removal.                                                                                                                                 

Federal Alien Smuggler

Client facing 8 years in Federal Prison for operating illegal alien smuggling ring for years. Attorney Louisa Pensanti negotiates sentence down to 12 months at “Club Fed.”

Sexual Assault

College Football player accused of seven counts of felony sexual assault has charges dismissed after Louisa Pensanti convinces DA’s office that the witness was not credible.